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April Resident-of-the-Month

Our April Resident-of-the-Month is Chantal Peterson. Chantal is an Air Force Veteran attending pre-veterinarian school at SFA. She’s a vet going to school to be a vet!

But when she’s not working hard studying, Chantal is working hard training her beautiful Borzoi, Rurik. Rurik is currently working on agility training. Chantal also enjoys reading, visiting her family, and going dancing whether is two-step or swing.

Chantal is one of three girls. Her dad is also ex-Air Force and her mom is returning to school for an additional degree.

Her favorite books and movies include Harry Potter (especially the Order of the Phoenix), but she also enjoys dogs, her cat Freckles, and listening to country music. Chantal’s favorite thing about Windhill is how dog friendly we are, but we appreciate residents like Chantal who are a joy to serve!

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