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March Resident-of-the-Month

Our March Resident-of-the-Month is Rani Solomon. Rani is a long-term substitute teacher of 6th-grade English and a student of psychology at SFA. She has a passion for young children and her long-term goal is to be an elementary school counselor. Rani loves spending time with animals, reading, and drawing. She’s very close to her family. It’s just her parents and her brother, but she tries to go home to Dallas about once a month. When she’s not busy, Rani loves watching “Gone Girl,” listening to all kinds of music, or reading House of Leaves. Her favorite book from her childhood is Charlotte’s Web.

Rani’s favorite thing about living at Windhill is that it’s quiet, calm, and always clean. But we love residents like Rani who make life at Windhill life at the top!

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