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October Resident of the Month

Our October Resident-of-the-month is Carley Dewitt! Carley is a full-time student as SFA who sells Younique make-up and dreams of being an accountant someday. Why an accountant? Well, she majored in something unrelated with a minor in business, but found that she really loved her accounting classes!

Carley loves reading and playing with her two dogs as well as hanging out with her boyfriend of five years, Josh. In particularly, she’s enjoy the Harry Potter novels for the first time recently. She goes through phases where she’ll prefer a specific genre, and right now that’s fantasy.

Carley is from Rowlett, Texas where her mom stays, and her dad is only fifteen minutes away in Mesquite. Despite being divorced, Carley’s parents get along great and even do holidays together. Her sister lives just two streets from her mom and her brother stays close too. They’re a very close family.

Carley says her favorite color is purple. She loves watching Grey’s Anatomy, eating Tacos and listening to Cody Johnson. Carley’s favorite thing about living at Windhill is the Bark Park and how dog-friendly her neighbors are, but we love residents like Carley who take the time to help neighbors and make this community truly great!

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