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August Resident-of-the-Month

Our August Resident-of-the-Month is McKenna Cross! McKenna is a student, cheerleader, and bartender who enjoys music festivals, doing make up, shopping, working out and, of course, cheer leading! McKenna is from a small, but close, animal-loving family from Colorado. The family has two cats and two dogs, and she describes her mom as her best friend. When McKenna is not busy with cheer or studies, she’s watching Grease, Friends with Benefits, Stick It, Orange is the New Black, Being Mary Jane, or Pretty Little Liars. Since her workouts work up an appetite, she enjoys Sour Patch Kids, chicken, Flaming Hot Cheetos, coffee, green tea, BBQ chips, and cherry Dr. Pepper! McKenna says her favorite things about Windhill is that it’s quiet, secluded, super-friendly neighbors, and all the dogs! But we love having residents like McKenna who are good to their neighbors and are a joy to serve!

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