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May 2016 Resident of the Month

Windhill's May Resident-of-the-Month is Jessica Saenger. Jessica is a Registered Nurse in ICU at CHI St. Luke's Health Memorial Hospital in Lufkin. She loves her job because it challenges her emotionally, physically and intellectually, which grows her into a better nurse and a better person! But when Jessica isn't saving lives, she's usually with her finance and their dogs Sophie and Nash. She loves taking them to the Bark Park to play and confirms that they are like children to her. Jessica also seems to e close to her mom, who lives in Houston. Her mom is extremely supportive and worked very hard to pay for her school. "When I graduated, I told my mom that this is her degree too because she worked as hard as I did for it." Despite her busy work and home life, Jessica is currently planning a wedding for next May. She describes romantic visions of the late 1800s with pearls and glitter and her excitement is very evident! Her finance, Chris and she share an appreciation of Marvel movies. "I'm Captain America and he's Iron Man. It made the 'Captain America: Civil War' movie a lot of fun." Jessica says her favorite thing about living at Windhill is the Bark Park for her dogs, and the sense of community that the staff provides. But we appreciate residents like Jessica, who are a valuable part of the Windhill family.

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