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Let's Give them something to talk about - Reviews!


Chrystine Stewart - From

Windhill Apartments is probably the best place I've lived so far. The residents are the very considerate and the staff is wonderful! If you have a problem in your apartment, the maintenance guys will do their best the to fix the problem as soon as possible. Windhill Apartments have a lot of decorating concerts when the holidays come around. They have a crawfish boil almost every year and sometimes pizza parties. They really try to make it a great place the live and to make you feel at home. The apartments are well kept and nice for the price. I've lived in a two bedroom and a one bedroom apartments and absolutely loved each one. They are pet friendly and they even have a dog park on the property. It's a really great place to live, I honestly wish I moved here sooner.

Marsha Woolf-Barnett - From

Windhill has some of the nicest apartments in all of Nac! I highly recommend making one of their apartments your new home!

Whitney Husband - From

Windhill Apartments is by far the best living experience I have had since moving out from my parents house. The complex is always clean and well kept. The office management and maintenance are friendly and always making sure that their residents are happy. You can really tell that they love what they do. I would recommend windhill apartments to anyone because this place has allowed me to meet some of my very best friends and they treat us like family here rather than just residents. Windhill apartments are by far the best place to live in nacogdoches and the view from the top is amazing!

David Masciarelli - From

Thank you Windhill for the past 7 years of quality customer service and making me feel at home. Very friendly staff. Sad to leave.

Blake Williams- From

Awesome apartments great price and love the service. 

Jaye Morris - From

This place is wonderful! I just love the office staff and the beautiful grounds! Very safe for college students...I recommend for SFA parents! 

Meagan Dodson - From

Fantastic place to live. Very family friendly, we love it here!!!

Cody Michael Davids - From

The staff and team really take care of their residents. I'm happy to call Windhill Apartments my home.

Bethany Fuller - From

Best place Apartments I've lived at!! Great Friendly Staff that wants to make sure you get the best living experience. Beautiful grounds too!! Definitely recommend living here!

Alexis Butler-Cosby - From

I love living here!The staff is friendly and kind, it is quiet, everyone is friendly and curious of their neighbors. Everything has been fixed immediately or addresses and scheduled to be fixed within the day. The staff really care about the residents and making sure that they are happy and comfortable. I LOVE LIVING AT WINDHILL!!!

Paige Sumney - From

I've lived in terrible apartments before: horrible pest control services, broken glass on the stairs, management who'd lose your packages in the offices, maintenance issues, moldy vents, etc. 
I moved in at the end of March 2014 and my AC went out after the first few days. It was still cold back then so it wasn't an issue to have a broken AC. When it started to get hot, I called them out they were out there the same day. He came in and had the thermostat fixed within 3 minutes. I've never had a problem with unfriendly residents, bug issues, etc. So I want to say thank you for looking out for your residents. :)

Robert Craft - From

Windhill offers an excellent Nacogdoches experience. The rent is reasonable and the staff is very accommodating. It is close to campus. Students who want to avoid the privacy issues associated with on-campus living should consider Windhill.

Billy Barnett - From

Best apartments in Nac! Very clean and welcoming! 

Alex Pierce - From

Awesome apartment complex! Great staff and wonderful neighbors! 

Matt Beasley - From

Great place to live! The dog park was fantastic! 

Alena Brook Salinas - From

I moved in 6 months ago and the management and staff have been nothing but helpful with everything. Pet friendly and the dog park is amazing. I have enjoyed living here and would recommend it to anyone!!!!!

Kati Harris- From

We have several college students who work for us and they love Windhill! It is safe, friendly and the management is kind and helpful! 

Kelly Daniel - From

Pet Friendly - and so nice to residents, too! :) 

Plus the coolest staff that can't be beat! 

Solomon Delaney Jr. - From

I'm super excited to be at Windhill Apartments! This going to be a great year! 

Jasmine Martin - From

I'm moving in to Windhill today and I'm so excited to be living here!!!

Marisa Boyle - From

Windhill is the best place to live in Nacogdoches! Im enjoying life on top :) 

Joey Kaufman - From

good rooms, great prices. super frinedly and centrally located. Thumbs up! 

Adrienne Williams- From

Best apartments in Nac! I've lived her for about 4 years and have a great experiences with the staff! They are quick to help with problems and maintenance always comes the same day! 

Paige Allinson - From

I have been very happy living here at Windhill. It is a nice quiet place with very friendly people who work here. 

Dawnysia Michelle - From

About to move into this lovely place...great views from the hill <3 

Jabralon Allen- From

Just moved into this place and it is awesome!!!!!

Dawhn Rhoden - From

I have really enjoyed living here! Quiet and safe :) 

Amber Curl - From

Love it! I'm about to move onin & enjoy my stay! 

Chelsea Nicole Harman- From

Been here two years and I absolutely love it!!!

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