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July Resident-of-the-Month

Our July Resident-of-the-Month is Heather Minter, who is studying at SFA for Social Work. Her eventual plan is to get her Master’s degree and specialize in Oncology Social Work. She allows herself time to devote to her studies by working on a pipeline construction site during the summer.

When she’s not working hard or studying hard, Heather enjoys movies, reading, on-line games, attend festivals and traveling. “I LOVE going to the movies and my favorite food is POPCORN with white cheddar salt. I listen to audio books when I travel and enjoy a good story,” she tells us. Heather says her favorite game is Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, but is quickly being replaced by Pokémon Go.

While Heather’s career goals in Social Work make her compassion for cancer patients obvious, it’s also noteworthy that she has devoted her time to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life for the last 11 years. She feels so strongly about the cure for cancer that she had the Relay for Life logo tattooed on her leg, and this year was on the Nacogdoches County Relay for Life committee. Heather also raised $750 for a free clinic “Health for All of the Brazos Valley” by submitting an entry to their Bra Art Event. The bra was designed like blue and green dragon scales and she named it “Dragon Slayer,” and raised the second highest amount of the entries.

Heather is from a small, close family and says that her mom and sister are her best friends and “partners in crime.” Her family lives about two hours away and she feels that it’s close enough that she can see them anytime, but far enough that she has her own space. Perhaps because her family is small, she has a lot of extended family. “My mom's best friend has two boys and I consider them my adopted brothers. The oldest, Joel and I share a love for the game Skylanders and whenever I'm in town we have family game night. We play Uno, Chicken Foot dominoes, Rumi Cube, and Apples to Apples. I have several friends that I consider family: Jenny, Eliza, and Tinka.”

Heather is one busy young lady, but when she takes time for herself, she says she enjoys movies like Tremors, My Cousin Vinny, Fast & Furious, and Pitch Perfect. However, none of those movies have her favorite actors, Will Smith & Johnny Depp. She also likes to read paranormal fantasies, watch The Walking Dead, and listen to Home Free (a cappella group). Heather’s favorite thing about living at Windhill is the Bark Park and the pet friendly atmosphere. “My basset hound, Cannon and I have enjoyed meeting the other dogs around the complex and appreciate how committed Windhill apartments are to being a safe place for our pets. The Bark Park has been a great way to meet other pet owners and to find playmates for Cannon. When I'm stressed and need to focus on my studies I trade dogs with my family. Mischief our elderly pug will come stay with me and she enjoys walking around the complex and being the center of attention. My neighbors are friendly and it's a fantastic place to live!”

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